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Natalie M. Kennedy EdD


Natalie M. Kennedy is a native of Philadelphia, PA.  While serving in the US Navy she met many people of different social and economic statuses, religious beliefs, physical disabilities, and ethnicities.  During this time she developed a deep passion for writing stories and poems about tolerance, social justice, life, love, and faith.


After her 20-year naval career, she earned a Master in Divinity, a Doctorate in Education, and became an ordained minister. Natalie's passion for helping others is seen in her works educating young women about healthy starts for their newborns through the Florida Health Department; and teaching financial literacy, providing individual mentoring, and fostering success and self-esteem through the YWCA Family Village Homeless Shelter. Each role inspired her to write about the people she met.


Over time, her journaling changed from monologue to dialogue. As she listened to people’s stories, their heartfelt words became her first book, Silent Hearts, which was self-published in 2011.  This collection of short stories and poems is dedicated to her brother Rodney, who passed away in 2011 with a tragically silent heart because his love was never spoken.

When not writing, Natalie enjoys listening to the ocean, walking the beach, listening to traditional rock music, easy listening, bluegrass, folk, and jazz, and watching vintage Hollywood classic movies.  A resident of Tampa, Florida, she continues to serve her community and help homeless veterans and their families. And she continues to challenge herself in her writings about human experiences, faith, and the business of living.

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Proceeds from Dr. Kennedy's books go directly back into the community through her non-profit organization, One Accord Media, LLC.



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"With books we are  always learning and when I write I am sharing my experiences with others  to help us all grow."


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